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How to update your iOS

device before inastalling iPhone Uploader

Company Apple regularly releases updates for its products iOS operating system. In them, the user can find new features and capabilities to their devices. To perform the update on your iOS device, you need to make a few simple manipulations.Get the app

1. Connect your iOS device to a power source and a Wi-Fi network in order to avoid extra costs for Internet traffic.

2. On the home screen of your device, click on the button "Settings" in the menu that opens, select the submenu key, which open the section "Software Update." The system will check for available updates to download. Please note that if your device while connected to a power source and a Wi-Fi network, verify that a new version of the software will be made automatically.

3. In the event that the system detects an update available for download, click on the "Download" button to make it load.

4. Once the update is downloaded to the Apple server, the system will prompt you to install it. To do this, you need to click on the "Install" button.

5. The download can be performed in the background. In this case, when all the files are loaded, the system will notify you that the update is ready for installation. You can click "Details", then you must also click on the "Install" button to start the installation process. If the installation is not made immediately after the download, a notification icon will hang in the system tray as long as the update will not be installed.

* Some updates may be required to connect to your computer for installation. This will be communicated to you when you open the "Software Update."


Devices with iOS 5 and later versions can be updated using a wireless way to upgrade.

As iOS update by connecting to iTunes service:

1. First check whether the version of iTunes you are using is the most important.

2. Use the USB cable to connect your iOS device to the computer that is running iTunes

3. Open the iTunes service on the computer. In the "Devices" list, select your iOS device.

4. Locate the panel "Overview" on it, click on the button "Check for Updates". The system will produce a list of available on Apple's servers to download updates.

5. If the system detects an update available for download, the service iTunes will prompt you to download it and install it. Pay attention to what your iOS device can not be disconnected from the computer until now, the update is downloaded and installed completely.

Note. iTunes will require an Internet connection to check for and download updates. This is not to be used as a modem, your iOS device is connected to the computer. In this case, you will need to find the source of Wi-Fi, or connect your device to another computer that has Internet access. If there is insufficient memory to download updates

Note that when you install a wireless update, your device must have enough free space to download and install the new version of iOS. If this condition is not fulfilled, the option "Download and Install" option may not be available, and the inscription on your device will appear "To install this update, you must at least ... GB of free storage." In this case, install the update can only be two options. Install the update by using the online service iTunes, or Free on your iOS device, more disk space. This can be done by removing the unused contents.

For example: "Video" folder contents. It can be viewed or unnecessary elements or show. To remove them, you can use a gesture of "whisk to remove." If you are using an iPad, you can download app for trading or delete the files by clicking on them and holding. In the resulting window, click the "x" to remove.

Unnecessary or unused programs. To remove a program, you need to press and hold on its label, then click on the "x".

Previous to the device camera photos and videos. To free up space on your iOS device, thus saving them, can be pre-copy the files to your computer.